Things to do and see in Leyburn

We’re unashamedly proud to be Yorkshire – and rightly so. From knowing how to brew a proper ‘cuppa’ to managing a smile come sun, rain or snow, our hilly region has been known for its rich history, culture, shopping, nightlife, food …. Must we go on?

As proud as we are to be from Yorkshire, our heart belongs to one of the dales – to be precise, Wensleydale (yes, yes, we know, the cheese very well).

Nestled in the heart of Wensleydale, Leyburn is lovingly referred to as ‘a town for all seasons’. With its picturesque town centre, boutique shops and unrivalled countryside, it’s no surprise that Leyburn has become a ‘must-see’ town when touring the dales.

Here’s our top 5 recommendations on what you can see and do when in our neck of the woods! 

Take a walk around the ‘Shawl’

A trip to Leyburn wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Leyburn Shawl, lovingly referred to as the Shawl by locals. A bold, dramatic limestone edge, the walk is relatively easy and gives you stunning views across the dale. If you decide to walk the full length, the trail will take you to our neighbouring town – Wensley.

Get inspired with chocolate 

If time is on your side, we wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Inspired Chocolate. Whether it’s making your own chocolate, buying chocolate or enjoying a treat at their gorgeous café, this really is a place that you must visit. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone!

Explore the regal history of Bolton Castle 

Built in the 14th century, Bolton Castle sits on the edge of Leyburn and boasts a rich history. The castle is still privately owned by Lord Bolton who is a direct descendent of the original owner and prides itself on its rich history spanning 600+ years. Check the website prior to your visit to see if there are any events on! 

Be in awe of Harmby Waterfall 

Located close to Leyburn, Harmby Waterfall is easy to access with a short walk to see its natural beauty. Commonly referred to as a hidden gem, the waterfall is a must see for keen walkers and visitors to the local area.

Visit the local shops in Leyburn

Whilst we are slightly biased, we really must include our local high street in our top 5 places to visit when in Leyburn. Consisting of local, independent shops, our town centre is an eclectic mix of shops to suit all types. From gift shops selling locally sourced and designed products through to quaint coffee shops, art galleries and much more. During the busy season, the local town hosts a range of events that have proven to be hugely popular. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the return of these events this year!

If you’re in the local area, please do pop in and say hello to us. We would love to give you a good old Yorkshire welcome.