Connecting with nature

May 2021 has been quite the month right?

Restaurants and pubs reopened – indoor dining allowed – hugs dished out. Weather apparently warmed up although we’re still seeing grey skies here in the Yorkshire Dales! 

With things finally looking to pick up – the TLYC team have been focussed on sharing snippets of positivity online.

After all, positivity breeds happiness!

In lieu with Mental Health Awareness Week held earlier this month, we took the time out and reconnected with nature. For many, being confined indoors and working on a screen has meant that getting out and about has provided a change of scenery, a chance to breathe some much-needed fresh air and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Here are our TLYC tips to reconnect with nature with your family and friends:


Look around and above – what do you see?

Many of us are guilty of not fully taking in our surroundings. Usually, we are so focussed on the path ahead, we forget what is above, below and to the side! Taking elements of mindfulness practice, put your phone away and start focussing on what you see. Sometimes, it can be as simple as focussing on a tree or particular point to recognise all its elements. Cherish the way the leaves move, the sound it makes, the birds that fly in and out… a few minutes of this and you may just surprise yourself!


Bring nature indoors

Undoubtedly, the past year or so has seen many of us undertake home projects. From updating rooms through to complete renovations, a growing trend that we have started to see is kitchen gardens. There is something uniquely satisfying to cook with herbs and vegetables that have been nurtured in your home. Not only does it encourage healthy eating, but, using items that you may not necessarily buy in your weekly shop opens you up to a world of cuisines and recipes! If you aren’t the most green fingered, start small and work your way up! Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mint are great first starters!


Explore outside your usual boundaries

The National Trust has a whole host of parks, houses and gardens ready for you to explore. With homes now opening up, Summer is the perfect season to explore unknown areas – all of which make a great day out for your family. With many places offering hot and cold food and a whole range of facilities, why not see what is local to you and make a day of it?


Whilst the above is only a snippet of things you can do to breed positivity and we’re by no means experts, we hope we have encouraged you to get outdoors. After all, as the saying goes “time spent amongst trees is never wasted time’.