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Red Byothane Gift Set (S/M)

Red Byothane Gift Set (S/M)

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S/M Red Byothane Collar supplied by The Hound Stop

The red collar is handmade using byothane it is entirely waterproof and hard wearing.

The collar is adjustable in size and can suit any dog with the following:
 Neck size between 30cm-46cm

Breeds: Jack Russel, Terrier, Pug, Maltese etc

One Size Red Byothane lead supplied by The Hound Stop

The red lead is handmade with byothane and is one size, it is entirely waterproof and hard wearing as well as sleek.

The one size lead is 2cm wide and 136cm long from clasp to handle.

Velcro Attached Handmade Poppy supplied by The Hound Stop

The felt poppy is an adorable addition to your dog's every day look, it attaches to the collar by a Velcro attachment.